Anime Reviews

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang out

An introvert gets dragged into hanging out with an extravert. Hilarity ensues, with a possibility of love.

Assassination Classroom

A monster of a teacher, and a classroom full of assassins in training. This is going to be fun!

Bofuri: I don’t want to get hurt, so I’ll max out my defense.

A fun little anime about a girl who becomes stupidly tanky.

Love Tyrant!

A Stupid Cupid, a Yandere, and an incestuous half-sister? Sounds like trouble!

Your Name.

Body swaps, a mystery and maybe love?

Special A

Top ranked students, eternal rivals, and hilarity all the way! Will love have a chance (or a clue)?

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When high schooler Suzume Iwato has chance encounter with a handsome stranger on her way to school, she had no idea that it would not only change her life, but open her world more than she could possibly imagine. Finding a door in an abandoned hot springs town that leads to a star filled sky,…

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario and Luigi are just your average Brooklyn raised plumbers with a big loving (often overbearing) Italian family, trying to make their dreams come true. But when the evil Bowser steals the Super Star and plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, it will take the help of the diminutive (but stouthearted) Toad, the beautiful…


This is a show about normal kids living an ordinary life. It centers on 3 high school girls, Yuko Aioi, who never seems to get her homework done, and constantly tries to make her days more interesting (but often times for the worse); Mio Naganohara, whose hair trigger temper and hidden yaoi obsessions often create…

Fruits Basket: Prelude

Before Tohru Honda ever met the Soumas, there was the story of how her parents met. At the time, Kyoko was an angry rebellious teenager, known as the Crimson Butterfly, and Katsuya, Tohru’s father, was a student teacher where her mother went to school. It is a story of understanding, love, tragedy and ultimately the…


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