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Top ranked students, eternal rivals, and hilarity all the way! Will love have a chance (or a clue)?

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Plastic Nee-san

Ever wonder what happens at a model building club? Well, whatever does happen, it probably isn’t this. Three rambunctious girls (Iroe “Nee-san” Genma, diminutive, loud mouthed and an endless trouble maker; Hazuki “Okappa” Okamoto, seemingly nice and gentle on the outside, but ready to slam you into a wall at a moment’s notice; and MakinaContinue reading “Plastic Nee-san”

Love Lab

At Fujisaki Girl’s Academy, there are two opposing girls that stand out from the rest: Natsuo Maki, the calm and collected Student Council President, and Riko Kurahashi, the boyish “Wild Child” (or so she has been called). But things get complicated (and downright weird), when Riko walks into the Student Council Office to see MakiContinue reading “Love Lab”


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