Assassination Classroom

Review time! The moon has been blasted into a permanent crescent, and the creature responsible, a yellow tentacled monster that can move at Mach 20 and has an IQ that is off the charts, threatens to destroy the world in one year. However, the world has one chance: he insists on teaching the Junior High class 3-E and gives them a shot at taking him down, earning 10 billion yen in the process. But these aren’t the best and brightest; they are the troublemakers, the dropouts and other undesirables of the school. But the tentacled creature, with an eerie grin plastered on his face, seems truly dedicated to teaching them. Soon the students give him a unique name befitting his unusual physiology: taking the Japanese phrase for unkillable (korosenai), and combining it with teacher, thus he is named “Koro-Sensei”! And so begins an unforgettable school year, with the students, the assassins, and their target, the teacher! Assassination Classroom is hilarious, inspiring and occasionally heartfelt, and a joy from start to finish! The students learn and grow, and watching their skills improve keep things interesting. But the star of the show is Koro-Sensei himself, as goofy as he is remarkable, he easily is one of the best teachers in fiction, who never gives up on any of his students, and soon enough you won’t want him to be assassinated. How the whole thing ends, well… You’ll have to attend class to find out! See you there!

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