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Spice and Wolf

Review Time! A traveling merchant named Kraft Lawrence has never put much stock into wild tales of gods, until one night when he finds one in his wagon: a mysterious young woman, with a wolf’s tail and ears, who calls herself Holo. She claims to be the one responsible for providing harvests to a village,Continue reading “Spice and Wolf”

Fruits Basket (Final)

Review Time! I have seen the final season, so time for an updated review! Tohru Honda is a rather unlucky girl. Having been orphaned and homeless, she nevertheless soldiers on in her tent in the forest. That is, until she is found by the men of the Soma household, who cordially invite her to stayContinue reading “Fruits Basket (Final)”


Review Time! During the Infinity Stones Heist in Endgame, one unexpected event occurred: the Loki of 2012 stole the Tesseract and escaped. Whatever happened to him? Well, it turns out that he didn’t get very far, as he was swiftly captured by the Time Variance Authority, an organization in the 31st century designed to keepContinue reading “Loki”


Review time! A nerdy shut-in Kazuma Satou awakens to find himself in a small room with a beautiful woman with blue hair, calling herself the Goddess Aqua, who tells him that he has died. He remembers there was a truck headed for a young woman, and believes that he died trying to save her. ToContinue reading “KonoSuba”


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