Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out

Review time! While in College, Shinichi Sakurai prefers to keep to himself, following the routine of studying, working part time at a café, and playing video games at his apartment. For him, that’s good enough. For his High School friend, the diminutive but well endowed Hana Uzaki, that is NOT good enough! She is upped and determined to make Sakurai spend more time with other people, even if it kills him! But even though Uzaki gets on his nerves like none other, there seems to be something there under the surface: are they just hanging out, or is something else developing? Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out is a hilarious anime, filled with great moments, frequent misunderstandings, and a very strange cast of characters, including the cafe owner and his daughter that seem to share a psychic connection, Sakurai’s friend who suspiciously looks and dresses like Shaggy, and Uzaki’s mom who is at the center of several misunderstandings. There is some fan service sprinkled throughout, and often times is the source of some hilarious situations. What is also funny is that the show actually uses the word “phrasing” several times (which instantly gave me Archer flashbacks), as both Uzaki and Sakurai say things without thinking about how it could be misconstrued. The show is available on, and for those that loved the first season, like me, then rejoice! They have announced Season 2! Soon we will have more of the nutty adventures of the adorable, rambunctious Uzaki!

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