Komi Can’t Communicate

Hitohito Tadano is an average high schooler, starting at Itan Private Highschool. On his first day, he meets the stunningly beautiful Shouko Komi, who quickly becomes the most beloved person at the school. But he soon learns this quiet majestic Goddess is not what she appears: she’s not quiet because she doesn’t want to talk,Continue reading “Komi Can’t Communicate”

Jurassic World Evolution 2: An In-Depth Review

Imagine, if you will: being in charge of running a park. But not just any park: one of several burgeoning Jurassic World locations, spread throughout the world. Your mission is to create unforgettable sights and living biological attractions so astounding, they will capture the imagination of everyone who visits. But as you start, you beginContinue reading “Jurassic World Evolution 2: An In-Depth Review”