Love Tyrant

Review time! In this world, there exists an immensely powerful artifact, one that has the ability to alter someone’s life! It is known as the Kiss Note! If a divine being writes two people’s name in the Kiss Note and they kiss within 24 hours, they are bound to stay together forever! Sounds pretty good, right? Well, not so much when you are a fairly average guy who gets his name written next to not one, but 3 other girls! One is a stupid cupid, who is the owner of the Kiss Note and loves Yaoi WAY too much; another is his crush, a gorgeous, kukhri wielding Yandere who would just as soon kiss him as stab him if she thinks his eyes are wandering; and the other is her half-sister, who is actually in love with her half-sister and sees him as an annoyance. Throw in the two half-sisters’ psychotic, sadomasochistic cousin, and you have a recipe for disaster (and hilarity)! Love Tyrant is a silly romp, filled with strange characters, including an evil penguin that says all sorts of nasty things (at least that’s what his eyes say), a Hawaiian Shirt wearing God, and an angel embodying a cat (just imagine a person’s face on a cat). Some fan service, yes, but at least one scene has a great 4th wall breaking joke, so I let that one slide. And the great thing about this anime is, if you can’t decide which girl you want the guy to end up with, just remember that any people’s names that are written in the Kiss Note and kiss will end up together, so all of them will! When you got multiple choice, pick all of the above! Gotta love harem!

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