The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario and Luigi are just your average Brooklyn raised plumbers with a big loving (often overbearing) Italian family, trying to make their dreams come true. But when the evil Bowser steals the Super Star and plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, it will take the help of the diminutive (but stouthearted) Toad, the beautiful Princess Peach and more than a barrel of Kongs (including everyone’s favorite necktied simian, Donkey) to put a stop to King Koopa’s plans! Let’sa go! The Super Mario Bros. Movie is nothing short of delightful, with colorful and vibrant animation, fun characters and a great message about never quitting and brotherly togetherness. All the actors do a great job in bringing their characters to life, with special mention going to Jack Black as the villainous Bowser, who chews the scene any chance he gets, making it an absolute delight. The dynamic between Mario and Peach is also great, as you can tell that, while Mario is a newcomer to everything, his indomitable spirit makes a big impact on her and two work well together. I also appreciated the brotherly spirit between Mario and Luigi, which was thankfully devoid of any hint of sibling animosity, and instead played into the fact that Luigi is often more timid than his brother, giving Mario a chance to shine as the protector of his brother, and their mutual care and respect shone thorough. The humor is also great in this movie, as there were plenty of times that I laughed out loud in the theater, and I had a smile on my face throughout the show. What especially made me smile, however, was the wonderful references throughout the movie, many harkening back to the classic days of the NES and SNES. Whether it was a sign, a sound effect or even a motif in a musical score, it was an unabashed love letter to this wonderful franchise. So if you love Mario, go and watch it! The one word I can think of after I finished was: WA-HOO!

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