Special A

When Hikari was 6 years old, she was the best pro wrestler around! No one could beat her! That is, until a little boy named Takishima defeated her soundly! Since that day, she has made it her personal mission to defeat him, though it seems that she always ends up as Miss Second Place. Along with 5 other students at their school, they are a part of the prestigious Special A class, the top 7 students at the School! Although Takishima seems to be acting strangely. I mean, Hikari is just his rival, right? Unless, there are some other feelings that are bubbling below the surface, feelings that seem to go right over the dense head of Hikari. This anime is a laugh-a-minute, with great characters and plenty of aww’s to warm the heart. The great thing about the romance is that, right from the start, although Hikari sees Takishima as a rival, the two work brilliantly together and look out for each other in a very endearing way. It does take Hikari a while to come around, but the journey is worth it, and a fun ride to boot! So give it a watch, it is most certainly special!

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