Your Name

When a young girl is bored of her rural town, she wishes that she could live in Tokyo. What a shock she has when the next morning she is in a young man’s body! Come to find out, this young man has also been spending some days in her body! But as the two start to unfold the mystery behind this, they also discover that sometimes life has a very strange way of bring people together. Your Name. is a beautiful, heartfelt story, that dips into the supernatural (just a tiny bit), and is a joy to watch! Both Taki and Mitsuha are a delight, and their story is one that I would say is a great one. Even til the very end I was so worried for those two, but don’t worry all: it has a very happy end! I highly recommend this show to any who love anime and want a great romance story! All in all, a wonderful time, and I was so glad that I could hear about Your Name.

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