Anime Reviews

Kamisama Kiss

An unlucky girl who is a land god, a snarky fox yokai who is her familiar and a love that spans centuries!

Jujutsu Kaisen

Cursed fingers, an ancient evil and non-stop action!

Love is Like a Cocktail

A short and sweet series with a married couple, a little alcohol and a whole lot of love!

Maison Ikkoku

A young college student, a beautiful widow and a boarding house full of characters.

Date A Live

Spatial quakes, beautiful spirits and one man who has to seal their powers (with a kiss)!


A ditsy girl pines after an arrogant jerk for years. DO NOT WATCH!

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

A wacky apartment, a cat lover and a talented painter who needs to be supervised!

The Quintessential Quintuplets

5 beautiful identical sisters, and a tutor who as to deal with them all!

Kiss Him, Not Me

A suddenly beautiful yaoi lover is now surrounded by guys! I smell trouble!

Ah! My Goddess! Multi-part Review!

A college student, 3 goddesses and a boatload of adaptations!

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