Anime Reviews

Bofuri: I don’t want to get hurt, so I’ll max out my defense.

A fun little anime about a girl who becomes stupidly tanky.

Love Tyrant!

A Stupid Cupid, a Yandere, and an incestuous half-sister? Sounds like trouble!

Your Name.

Body swaps, a mystery and maybe love?

Special A

Top ranked students, eternal rivals, and hilarity all the way! Will love have a chance (or a clue)?

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Review Time! The NYPD has a long history of outstanding officers and high profile crimes, but never has it been as strange as in the 99th Precinct of Brooklyn. Such oddities include Detective Jake Peralta, lover of Die Hard and enthusiastic about his job but can often be immature; Detective Amy Santiago, by the bookContinue reading “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Review time! Naoya Mukai is a probably the most earnest and intense high schooler you will ever meet, and is unbearably honest about his feelings. After confessing to his childhood friend Saki Saki every month since they had known each other, she finally broke down and agreed to date him. But just as he isContinue reading “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”


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