Lovely Complex

Review time! High School is not easy for anyone, but for taller than average girl Risa Koizumi, it is much MUCH harder. When I say taller, she is almost as tall as most guys, earning her the name “Giraffe” and “Giantess” from others. To make matters more complicated, the diminutive Atsushi Otani who clocks in at below most girls’ height and is given such unflattering names such as “Runt” and “Water Flea”, seems to always have a beef with her, and the two fight so much they are likened to a similar height difference comedy duo. But strangely, both also have a blast with each other, whether it be playing at the water park, rocking out to their favorite Rap artist, Sea Monk, or having the time of their lives in a rickshaw. So it isn’t long until Koizumi starts to wonder how she feels about Otani, whether a “Giantess” could date a “Runt”. Why couldn’t love be simpler? Lovely Complex (Love Com for short) is a charming, often hilarious romp that also brings the feels. Koizumi herself is extremely determined but also sensitive, as she tries so hard to win over her little man. Otani is often rude (though a lot is also reciprocated from Koizumi), but has a nice center, mostly buried under years of insecurity over his height. The comedy, and in particular the facial expressions in the show, are fantastic and having the characters go from normal to highly exaggerated (mostly while saying BAKA) is always a riot. What is good about this couple is that, although they do argue and insult each other a fair amount, they also love spending time with each other, and you can easily say they are each other’s best friend. It is little wonder how this became an RCA classic. So if you are in the mood to see a Giantess fall for a Runt, and look more like a comedy duo than a lovey dovey couple, this is just up your alley. Let’s just hope your love life is far less complicated…

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