Review Time! For the most famous Gods, life is truly blessed: they have plenty of offerings, worshippers and their very own shrine to be worshipped at. But for the unknown delivery god Yato, things are certainly less than ideal. Doing odd jobs for 5 yen, with no shrine to call his own and his Regalia, a former human soul that can transform into a weapon, has quit on him. Then one day, a young woman named Hiyori Iki comes into his life. Well, more like crashes, since she pushes him out of the way of an oncoming bus, and, though she only gets a few scratches, has somehow gained the rather awkward ability that, when she falls asleep in a narcoleptic state, allows her to roam the city as a spirit! Combine that with Yuki, the spirit of a teenage boy that Yato decides to make his new regalia, and he is in for one rough ride! Noragami is an action packed, and occasionally humorous, adventure with fun characters and an interesting mythos. Yato seems like just an irresponsible goof, but he hides a dark past that he would rather want to be forgotten. Hiyori, while annoyed at the current state of her life, where she randomly falls asleep and is ejected from her physical body, does grow to care about Yato and Yuki and is frequently the one to pull through in the heavy emotional moments. Yuki himself also experiences a lot of growth, as he tries to adjust to life as a spirit and as teenage years are often tumultuous, it is a very difficult road. There is also praise for the handling of one of Yato’s antagonists, Bishamon, the firery female God of War, who while wanting nothing more than to see Yato dead, is very kind and caring towards her Regalia and shows to have a kind heart underneath all that rage. Where the series leaves off, a new plot thread is opening up, and hopefully we can get a Season 3. But for right now, go ahead and give it a watch! And give a small time god a 5 yen coin, ok?

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