School Rumble

Review time! A new school year is starting, and for the ever adorable (but extremely dense) Tenma Tsukamoto, she only has eyes for the bowl cut, glassy eyed Oji Karasuma. However, someone has a crush on her: the tough guy with a heart of gold Kenji Harima, a delinquent who saved her life. Not that she would remember, because of a misunderstanding, she thinks the guy who saved her is a perv! Determined to win her heart, Harima goes out to impress her, while Tenma is determined to confess her love to Karasuma. And Karasuma? He only has eyes for curry. Get ready for one of the strangest situations in love imaginable, and an entire cavalcade of misunderstandings! School Rumble is hilarious, darling and oh so strange. The amount of times one of the main characters misunderstands, misreads or is flat out oblivious to the truth is innumerable, and so many times I was saying to myself when one character is convinced of something, “Not at all, no”, that it became a meme in and of itself. The show is also long, with 52 episodes in both seasons, and 4 OVA episodes. Though the finale is in a hard to find OVA, which is kinda lame (but I found it!) The character development and any semblance of a plot are also slow, so it’s better to just enjoy the ride and not worry about anything substantial happening, because not much does, until near the end. Both Tenma and Harima are delightful, mostly in how they can massively misconstrue what has just happened, and you have to wonder, “How dense are they?!” I also have wondered, on more than one occasion, “What on Earth does Tenma see in Karasuma?!” But I guess that is the charm of the show, kids being weird, silly, DENSE kids. Also both opening themes are so catchy they are hard to skip! So give it a watch, and enjoy the silly love comedy for yourself!

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