My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Review Time! Catarina Claes is a selfish, spoiled little girl, until one day she trips and hits her head. Suddenly a flood of memories come back to her: she was actually a 17 year old otaku girl who died, and now is living in her favorite Otome game! There is one catch: Catarina is the villainess, whose is trying to thwart the heroine and the good ending has her simply banished. The bad ending? DEAD! Wanting to make sure this does not happen, Catarina tries to be as friendly and charming as possible to avoid triggering her flags of doom, but along the way actually gets everyone around her to like her, befriend her, and even fall in love with her! And not just the guys! The Ultimate Isekai Harem Adventure is about to begin! My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom is a silly, fun and often charming romp, that is a delight to watch from start to finish! Catarina herself is adorable, and it is not hard to see how she has ended up on a Best Girl list (or several!). Her denseness is especially charming, since she is so focused on not triggering Doom Flags she doesn’t even notice that most of her friends have fallen in love with her! As there is word of Season 2 on the way sometime this year, I eagerly look forward to it! But who knows what flags await Catarina this time around! I guess we are all going to have to find out!

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