Snow White with the Red Hair

Review time! In the nation of Tanbarun, a young woman named Shirayuki (which means Snow White) works as an herbalist: a quiet but fulfilling life. However, when the selfish and rapacious Prince Raj hears of her, he wants her for his own, for no other reason than her most unique feature: her stunning bright red hair, like an apple. Not to marry her, but for her to be his concubine, like a piece in a collection. Mortified by this proposal, she instead cuts her hair short, and moves to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines. There, she has a chance encounter with the 2nd Prince of Clarines, Zen, a much more noble, kinder soul than Raj. He invites her to make a home in Clarines, along with his attendants, the Royal Herbalists, and a few other surprise figures. But as time passes and Shirayuki comes to love this new country and her friends, another type of love begins to bloom, one that not even the dashing Prince Zen saw coming. Snow White with the Red Hair is a charming, occasionally humorous and often very sweet show, with a lovely romance thrown in. Shirayuki shows determination and drive to help those around her and she grows to be more confident to be who she truly wants to be. Zen is charming and brave, as all Princes wish to be, but also has a humorous annoyed side to him, mainly with his attendants that don’t give him the respect he thinks he needs at the moment. The moments between Shirayuki and Prince Zen are touching and honestly I wanted to see more of it, though as Zen has Princely duties to attend to, that gets in the way. The Manga is also not finished, so maybe sometime in the future they could come back to it. Honestly, there are other series I wish would be finished first, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this one. Give it a watch, it might just be the remedy you are looking for.

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