Review Time! Pretty, intelligent Kyoko Hori is beloved by her peers and faculty at school. Whenever she says that she doesn’t have time to hang out after school, everyone assumes it’s because she has a boyfriend. I mean, why wouldn’t she? The truth, however, is much more mundane than that: she is taking care of her younger brother, as their mom often has to work extra shifts, so Hori is the one to help out. In her same class, the long haired, glasses wearing, downer looking Izumi Miyamura is believed to be an otaku. The truth, however, is that he wears long hair to cover the piercings he has in his ears and sports numerous tattoos under his shirt. So these two worlds intersect when Miyamura meets and walks Hori’s younger brother home from school one day, and both Hori and Miyamura see their real selves. They decide to keep this a secret and begin to hang out, but it isn’t long before they both start falling for each other. And wouldn’t you know it: they like their real selves a lot! HoriMiya (Hori-san to Miyamura-kun) is a humorous, sweet and very touching show, that shows the honest, often awkward and oh so tender journey that happens when two young people fall in love. Hori herself is a lot of fun, as she often has a temper, mostly directed at her way too lax dad and even has a masochistic side, much to Miyamura’s discomfort. Miyamura’s story is also interesting, as he was often the one on the outside of everything, but partially thanks to Hori, has gotten to enjoy life so much more. The comedy is enjoyable, though it is not a laugh a minute as some other RCAs are. What really sells the series though is Hori and Miyamura’s relationship, as they are so understanding, so sweet and so unique in their approach, you can’t help but smile. I have been watching this anime ritually on Saturdays, as each new episode comes out. I am so glad I was able to watch this, and I hope you do as well! In all honesty, this is the show that His and Her Circumstances should have been: the main couple are so kind to each other, and instead of abuse that turns the guy into a possessive creep, it is a sense of loneliness that the girl helps him out of. All in all, check out this show, and I think you will find, from Hori-san to Miyamura-kun, that these two are a fantastic couple!

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