Kamisama Kiss

Review Time! Nanami Momozono is a 17 high school student who has extraordinarily bad luck: not only is her dad a good-for-nothing gambler who racked up huge debts, but she also has been evicted from her house! While wandering in a park, she comes across a man hiding in a tree, terrified of a tiny dog barking at him and screaming for help! After effortlessly shooing the dog away, Nanami talks to the man, who after thanking her for saving him, says that she can live at his house instead. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and an address, which turns out to be an old shrine. But it isn’t as abandoned as it appears, as several will-o-wisp spirits live there, along with a rather condescending and critical fox yokai named Tomoe. However, in the course of trying to get Tomoe back to being the shrine’s familiar, Nanami kisses him, which binds him to being her familiar, as she has now become the new Land God of the Mikage Shrine! But what starts out as a strained relationship between God and Familiar starts to evolve into something more intimate, as both Nanami’s and Tomoe’s fates and hearts are more closely linked than anyone could’ve guessed! Kamisama Kiss is a hilarious romp, with plenty of heart and great characters to boot. Nanami and Tomoe butt heads frequently, but you can see how much they care about each other, and thanks to recently finding the (very hard to locate) finale, you can see these two really are meant for each other! Because of this, I am going to change up both my RCA lists (also I have seen a number of great shows in the meantime, and it needs an update anyways), and (spoiler warning!) both the show and the couple have gone up on the list! So grab a calligraphy brush, and white talisman, and your favorite familiar and make a wish on this very special anime! And seal that contract with a Kamisama Kiss!

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