Love is Like a Cocktail

Review time! To everyone at her office, Chisato Mizusawa is a calm, professional woman, who always seems to avoid drinking with her coworkers. While some believe that she doesn’t like drinking, nothing could be further from the truth! She loves alcohol, and it allows her to unwind and be cute and playful. However, there is only one person she trusts to mix up just the right drink: her stay at home husband, and part-time bartender, Sora. With a smile on his face and a quick hand to stir up the ingredients, Sora gives his beloved “Chi-chan” what she needs most, whether it is a Plum Splet, some Irish Coffee, or even an alcohol free Cinderella. And Chisato is always ever so grateful. Besides, she likes alcohol, but she loves Sora! Love is Like a Cocktail is a delightful, humorous and oh so sweet look at a married couple that is sure to hit the spot! Watching these two is nothing short of adorable and so wholesome, as it is very evident that Sora is always looking out for his “Chi-chan”. One situation that highlights this is where Chisato needs to focus on getting a project done and can’t have alcohol, so Sora instead gets her a sweet banana drink, all alcohol free! These two are so adorable, they are going onto my list of best couples, they deserve it! Plus, the episodes are all 3 minutes long, so you can watch this one in under an hour! So, sit back, grab your special someone and whip up drink of your choice (mine will be alcohol free!), cause this little number is mixed with love!

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