Cells at Work: Code Black

Review Time! You got to see inside a healthy body: now get ready for a very unhealthy one! Constant stress, smoking, drinking, sleep deprivation, unprotected sex, and many more problems plague this body. As another Red Blood Cell tries his best, he finds that this environment is nothing short of hostile! Even White Blood Cell is pushed to her limits, and it is a question of if this body can survive at all, or if the myriad of health problems will finally catch up! Cells at Work: Code Black is a much darker, more harrowing view inside the human body and can certainly be a very sobering wake up call for any that are out of shape or making poor health choices. Gone is much of the humor, but it is replaced with tragedy, as you see the poor cells trying tirelessly to fight against an insurmountable number of health problems. A lot of blood like the original, but also with some odd choices in fan service, as all of the White Blood Cells are very well endowed and most have their uniforms completely open in the front. So if you are ready for a darker, grimmer tale of a body that is slowly falling apart, or you just want more Cells at Work, give it a whirl! Who knows, it just might be what you need to avoid your own Code Black!

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