Review time! A nerdy shut-in Kazuma Satou awakens to find himself in a small room with a beautiful woman with blue hair, calling herself the Goddess Aqua, who tells him that he has died. He remembers there was a truck headed for a young woman, and believes that he died trying to save her. To that Aqua corrects him, and soon busts up laughing. Turns out, the “Truck” was a slow moving tractor, given that the sun was in Kazuma’s eyes and he couldn’t make it out properly. He actually died from a heart attack, and to make matters worse, peed his pants and EVERYONE laughed about it! Aqua though does give him a choice: be reincarnated into Japan and forget everything, or take his knowledge into a fantasy world and be an adventurer, destined to slay the Demon King. Kazuma, always one for an adventure, chooses the latter. Aqua then offers a plethora of magical items to choose from, only to insult Kazuma for taking too long. Fed up with the Goddess’ smart aleck nature, Kazuma chooses his one item: her! He would soon live to regret this, as Aqua proves to be whiny, self centered and prone to hysterical fits. And soon his adventure group gets even weirder, when two more eccentric women join the group: Megumin, a young archmage with a serious case of chunibyo, who wields Explosion magic, the most powerful destructive spell, but only has enough stamina to cast it once a day and then is useless (and given how cool the spell is, she insists on only using Explosion); and Darkness, a beautiful crusader who, while tankier than brick wall, can’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside, and what’s worse, is a masochist, both physically and emotionally, and willingly puts herself in danger just to get turned on. Who knew adventuring with three lovely ladies would be such a PAIN!!! For someone who has such a high luck stat, how is Kazuma this unlucky?! KonoSuba is a hilarious send up of the isekai genre, with impressive action to back it up. Kazuma is not your typical hero, as he is often self-centered, has no scruples, is endlessly sarcastic, more than a little perverted, and is not shy about berating the girls for doing something stupid. Not that they don’t deserve it, as all three ladies, while being advanced classes, are broken in their own unique ways. Darkness especially is concerning, as hearing her excited gasps and moans at getting hurt are enough to make you cringe (but that’s the point, isn’t it?). There is a lot of fan service in the show, which includes some revealing clothing and a few almost naked scenes, but most of the time it is the animation making the breasts extra bouncy, even when fully clothed. But the animation should be praised for its often exaggerated stretchiness, allowing for some comical (almost Loony Tunes-esque) moments, giving it a unique look. For being a comedy anime, the fights are particularly impressive, especially any of the Demon King’s Generals are involved, and more than once it leads to Kazuma dying, again (but he comes back, he’s not getting out of the adventure THAT easily). A 3rd Season is likely, so keep your eyes peeled for it! Although I have to say the title is very misleading: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World?! Kazuma would have some words about this, especially with having to deal with those three all day!

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