Cells at Work!

Review time! Ever wonder what goes on inside your body? What the cells do, how they function and if they are having a good day? Well, that last one is a little weird, but this show answers all of that! From bacterial infection, pollen allergies, heat exhaustion and even cancer, we get to see it all! Told from the perspective of one particularly directionally challenged Red Blood Cell and her stotic but kind hearted White Blood Cell friend, we get to see how it all comes together so you can keep on living! Cells at Work is humorous, educational and occasionally heartfelt, which lends it to being an all around amazing show! The way that each cell is characterized, from the commando like T-Cells, delivery people Red Blood cells and the lovely maid like (with giant knives that carve up pathogens with glee) Macrophages, it is a delight to get to know every cell and learn about what they do. More than once I stopped the show to look up something to learn even more about the body, and I commend this show for doing its part to make education fun! In fact, this show has already been praised by universities, as some schools show off the Cancer episode for homework, since it does such a good job at describing what cancer is and how it starts. There is a fair amount of violence and blood spray (although there are also tons of Red Blood cells around, so you could say it is extremely bloody), but there are also episodes that exclusively focus on non bacterial threats that are less heavy. So if you want to know more about the human body (and have a fun time doing it), then check this gem out! And I know, I know, it doesn’t make any biological sense, but I still ship Red and White Blood Cells. They are so cute together!

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