Date A Live

Review Time! Spatial Quakes: unprecedented devastating phenomenon, appearing out of nowhere and causing massive destruction. The first was an unparalleled event on the Chinese-Mongolian border 30 years ago, with the death toll around 150 million. Since then, periodic spatial quakes have occurred, each bringing destruction along with them. For high schooler, Shido Itsuka, living with his adoptive sister Kotori, dealing with the ever present threat of these quakes is normal. But one day, when a quake alarm is sounded, and everyone heads for shelter, Shido realizes his sister is still out there, and so rushes to help her. He then witnesses a strange sight: at the middle of a quake is a beautiful young woman, with purple hair, purple eyes and clad in purple armor, wielding a greatsword. A group of armored, flying suit wearing young women show up and attack this mysterious woman, and when Shido is knocked unconscious, he awakens later to find out that he is much closer to this than he thought: the spatial quakes are caused by extra dimensional beings known as Spirits, who manifest as young women, and several organizations, such as the Anti-Spirit Task Force (or AST) for the Self Defense Force (which he learns that a classmate, Origami Tobiichi is a part of) prefer to shoot these Spirits on sight. But his sister is a Commander of a group known as Ratatoskr, whose goal is to find a more amicable and peaceable solution to the problem: the theory is, if one could be able to make these Spirits fall in love with them and seal their powers with a kiss, this would prevent any further spatial quakes. The first target is the Purple woman, who, after learning that she doesn’t have a name of her own, Shido proposes Tohka, which she gladly accepts. Soon Tohka is joined by many other Spirits, while Shido’s life becomes ever more complicated. Who knew dating and saving the world would go hand in hand? With great humor, impressive action and a cast of lovable characters, Date A Live is a Rom-com like none other! The inclusion of Sci-fi and fantasy elements make this one stand out, as most Rom-com animes are slice of life, which, while not bad, can get a bit stale. Shido himself is a great character, as his kind and understanding nature help him to deal with the challenges the Spirits throw at him, though you have to wonder at times, why is he putting so much effort into saving some of these? I guess his heart is just that big. The real star, however, is Tohka, as though she seems standoffish and cold at first, it soon melts away to reveal an excitable, innocent and darling interior, one who just can’t help but love everything about life and her waggling bow in her hair is reminiscent of Rikka’s “antennae”, Tenma’s “Fool’s Cowlicks” and Ayame’s ponytail, just so cute on so many levels. She’s my fav, by a country mile! There is a fair amount of fan service, which often involves military girls in skimpy outfits, because, who knows, and every time Shido seals a Spirit’s power, her Spirit armor disappears, AAAAAAAND she’s naked. Three seasons are out at the moment, and a fourth is coming in October, which I am very interested in. Hard to say if there is enough interest and funding for the entire story, but I do hope so. So give it a watch, that should prep you in time for your Date!

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