Jujutsu Kaisen

Review Time! Yuji Itadori is not exactly an average high schooler, given that he is so freakishly strong he can match or beat most world records, yet prefers to hang out at the Occult Club instead. But everything changes when he and his club members find a weird finger in a box. As his club members go to check it out, Yuji’s cantankerous grandpa passes away, leaving him to sort things out. Suddenly a mysterious young man named Megumi Fushiguro confronts him about the finger, calling it a Cursed Object and warning Yuji that his club mates are in danger! Turns out, the finger was meant to ward off evil spirits called Curses, but its cursed energy has been unleashed and is now attracting them! As Yuji and Megumi rush to save the students, the Curse is far stronger than they anticipated. Desperate, with no other options, Yuji swallows the finger, and suddenly kills the Curse. But all is not well: Yuji now has an unexpected and very malevolent guest in his body. It is the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna! While Yuji is able to keep Sukuna under control at first, it seems that he has now been tied to a horrible fate: the Jujustu Sorcerers decree he must die! But luckily, a stay of execution is in order, from a teacher (and insanely powerful Sorcerer) Satoru Gojo. Gojo instead proposes that Yuji consumes all 20 of Sukuna’s fingers (because he had 4 arms, yikes!) and THEN kill him, thereby destroying Sukuna once and for all! While Yuji is willing to accept this, Sukuna is not, and as Yuji consumes more and more of Sukuna’s fingers, Sukuna’s power grows. And this villain has plans of his own! Joined by tough as nails (pun very much intended) student Nobara Kugisaki, Yuji is confident that he can make the most of his life, all the while dark forces conspire against him! With impressive action (which sometimes can be surprisingly gory), an intriguing mythos and enough humor to keep things fun, Jujustu Kaisen is wild ride that delivers! Gojo is easily the star of show, as his happy-go-lucky demeanor bely tremendous power. And trust me, you do NOT want to threaten his students! The fights are often intense, and it always pushes the combatants to the edge! Although I feel bad for Megumi: guy can’t catch a break. So if you want a new show to channel all of your raw negative emotion into, this is the one! Just make sure you aren’t eating any fingers, ok?

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