The Amazing World of Gumball

Review time! For most people, the world might seem rather ordinary. But for one blue cat, his world is anything but: his name is Gumball Watterson, he has a pet/brother named Darwin (an orange fish with legs, don’t ask), an incredibly intelligent 4 year old sister Anais (who is a rabbit), his stressed out, workaholicContinue reading “The Amazing World of Gumball”

Date A Live

Review Time! Spatial Quakes: unprecedented devastating phenomenon, appearing out of nowhere and causing massive destruction. The first was an unparalleled event on the Chinese-Mongolian border 30 years ago, with the death toll around 150 million. Since then, periodic spatial quakes have occurred, each bringing destruction along with them. For high schooler, Shido Itsuka, living withContinue reading “Date A Live”

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Review time! Things are not going well for Sorata Kanda. Stuck in the rundown Sakura Hall, with its gaggle of very strange occupants: hyperactive and overly flirtatious anime creator Misaki Kamiigusa, the playboy writer Jin Mikata, and the reclusive tech wiz Ryunosuke Akasaka (who only communicates through his A.I. program, Maid-chan). The teacher in charge,Continue reading “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou”

Kiss Him, Not Me

Review time! “A Prince belongs with a Princess”. This is established fact, but not to Kae Serinuma, who instead says, “A Prince belongs with a Prince”! This overweight fujoshi, an otaku who specializes in BL and yaoi, can’t stop fantasizing about pairing her male classmate up with each other. However, everything changes one day whenContinue reading “Kiss Him, Not Me”

Ah! My Goddess: Multi-part Review

Review time! Kind, caring, but diminutive and unlucky in love Keiichi Morisato is a college student and motor enthusiast, stuck alone in his apartment. After dialing a number, he is accidently transferred to the Goddess Help Line, and is told that he has been approved to make a wish. Confused at the situation, soon aContinue reading “Ah! My Goddess: Multi-part Review”

Resident Evil: Village In-Depth Review

Picture, if you will: lost in a freezing forest, somewhere in eastern Europe. Pitch black, with only a handheld flashlight illuminating a few feet in front of you. Eerie silence all around, only the crunching of snow beneath your feet. As you trudge on, something runs past into the bushes. Another figure is barely visibleContinue reading “Resident Evil: Village In-Depth Review”