Jurassic World Evolution 2: An In-Depth Review

Imagine, if you will: being in charge of running a park. But not just any park: one of several burgeoning Jurassic World locations, spread throughout the world. Your mission is to create unforgettable sights and living biological attractions so astounding, they will capture the imagination of everyone who visits. But as you start, you beginContinue reading “Jurassic World Evolution 2: An In-Depth Review”

The Ascent: An In-depth Review

Neon lights. Trash littering the streets. A fetid stench rising from below. Rain pouring from above. Street vendors plying their wares. Suddenly a shot rings out, and guns start blazing. The Turbo Vipers are at it again. Some poor sap is about to be flatlined. But then, you see it: a lone figure returns fires,Continue reading “The Ascent: An In-depth Review”

Resident Evil: Village In-Depth Review

Picture, if you will: lost in a freezing forest, somewhere in eastern Europe. Pitch black, with only a handheld flashlight illuminating a few feet in front of you. Eerie silence all around, only the crunching of snow beneath your feet. As you trudge on, something runs past into the bushes. Another figure is barely visibleContinue reading “Resident Evil: Village In-Depth Review”

The Outer Worlds: an In-Depth Review

In the distant future, in a solar system known as Halcyon, adventure awaits! Gun toting bandits, greedy Corporation leaders, and vicious wildlife all seek to destroy you! But never fear! You are the intrepid captain of the Unreliable! It’s time to save the colony, gather a crew and who knows? Maybe you will have someContinue reading “The Outer Worlds: an In-Depth Review”

Control: An in-depth Review

A shadowy governmental agency. A terrifying extradimensional invader. An enigmatic guiding star residing within you. A strange building that shifts and moves. And a mysterious janitor who is more than what he seems. These set the stage of one of the best games I have played in a long time. Control is a phenomenal game,Continue reading “Control: An in-depth Review”