My Bride is a Mermaid

Review time! How unlucky can a guy get? Nagasumi Michisio, a formerly ordinary middle schooler, was on vacation in the small town of Seto, when he falls into the ocean and nearly drowns. It is then he is saved by a beautiful young woman, who is in fact a mermaid! But to make this more complicated, it turns out that there is a law that any human that sees a mermaid’s true form must die! The mermaid, Sun Seto, voices her displeasure to this and instead offers her life in exchange. Not wanting her only daughter to die (and not wanting her overprotective husband and Sun’s father Gozaburo to kill Nagasumi), Ren Seto (Sun’s mother) proposes instead that Nagasumi marry Sun instead, thus allowing the mermaid secret to stay in the Seto family. But Gozaburo, being a Yakuza through and through, is not taking this lying down, and is upped and determined to end Nagasumi, thus freeing his precious little Sun from this arrangement. As Nagasumi tries to return to his normal life, he soon is inundated with weirdness, as he finds out that Sun’s family and friends have all come to his school! Whether it is Sun’s conch shell bodyguard Maki (who has a water machine gun always aimed at him), Shark Fujishiro (a shark headed crony of Gozaburo, who aside from constantly trying to eat Nagasumi, is saying everything in the form of a question), Masa (an afroed, mustached lieutanent who, thanks to giving Nagasumi CPR, our hero now has a weird man crush on), or Lunar (a pop idol who is also a mermaid and has an intense rivalry with Sun and treats Nagasumi like dirt), Nagasumi isn’t getting a moment’s rest! With plenty of hijinks and hilarious moments, My Bride is a Mermaid is a laughfest to enjoy! The jokes come fast and hard, and often times the situations just keep devolving more and more to the point of us screaming, “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!”. Not much in the way of really impactful moments, nor would I say that the relationship with Sun and Nagasumi is great (not bad, but ok), so this one is here just of the comedy. Light on fanservice for the most part, except for one particular scene, but it is a misunderstanding for the comedy sake. So if you are looking for a fun comedy, check out this undersea adventure! Because Honor Amongst Thieves, is Honor Under the Seas!

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