Mob Psycho 100

Review Time! When you think of who the world’s most powerful being could be, the last person that would come to mind would be a bowl-cut, blank faced middle schooler. But believe it or not, Shigeo Kageyama (better known to his friends as Mob) is an immensely powerful psychic, who works for fake psychic Arataka Reigen to help those who are being harmed by evil spirits. But just because Mob has a quiet exterior, don’t think that he is emotionless: his emotions are merely lying under the surface, slowly climbing in percentages. And when those emotions hit 100%, you had better get down, because things are about to get ugly! Even that isn’t the limit to Mob’s power, as if he is unconscious and in danger, he can tap into the disturbing ???% power, which nothing on Earth can stand up to! Good thing he is such a kind young boy, otherwise we would all be in trouble! Along with his friends, little brother Ritsu and a less than virtuous spirit Dimples, Mob does his best to protect Seasoning City from evil spirits, and fellow espers that would threaten the peace of this world! With plenty of actions and laughs, along with a unique art style, Mob Psycho 100 is a fun and interesting ride to check out! The art style in particular is of note, since while most anime try to make everyone look nice and attractive, this one seems to go out of its way to make 90% of them either plain or downright ugly! This adds to the humor in certain situations, but it also lends the fights a particularly interesting look, leading to some rather impressive set pieces. So check it out if you’re in the mood for a psychic middle schooler. Just make sure your emotions don’t get too high: who knows what could happen when you hit 100%!

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