Dr. Stone

Review time! For high school genius Senku Ishigami, life is all about discovering everything he can about the amazing world of science! Chemistry, engineering, astronomy, biology: you name it, he has studied it! But one day, as his best friend (and lovable oaf) Taiju is about to confess to their mutual friend (and expert craftswoman) Yuzuriha, a blinding green light appears on the horizon and suddenly every man, woman and child is turned to stone! Never one to lose his head, Senku starts counting the seconds he is in stone, and eventually, 3,700 years later, he suddenly breaks free. After free Taiju as well, the two set out to discover how to revive everyone else. But not long afterwards, in a moment of desperation, the two wake up a terrible force: Tsukasa Shishio, the self-proclaimed “Strongest Primate High Schooler”, who while soft spoken and gregarious, also is callous towards the adults of the world, who he sees as ruining the world. Threatening to destroy every stone statue (and killing the person inside), Tsukasa finds himself at odds with Senku, who plans to revive everyone. Senku must now find new allies and build a Kingdom of Science, if he has any hope of standing up to the Tsukasa Empire, who rule through strength. Along the way, he also finds out more about what happened and realizes that it will be more personal to him than he ever imagined! With interesting characters, great humor and a fascinating look at how science helps the world, Dr. Stone is an excellent watch! Senku himself is a far different character from the typical Shonen protagonist, as he is all brain and no brawn. Seriously, he can barely keep up in any physical activity, and gets exhausted very quickly. However, once his brain gets going, he can easily outthink anyone and always has a plan at the ready. He is also the perfect person to help rebuild the world, as his vast repertoire of scientific factoids allows him to create wonders in this Stone World. His maniacal look when he gets excited about something is also hilarious, as many characters point out that he looks like a villain when he does. What is special about the show is that it helps point out how much science has helped people over the years, and more than once I got a little choked up, especially when it comes to helping primitive people overcome challenges that they simply accepted as insurmountable. Season 3 is in production, so I will keep an eye out. Who knows what new wonders of science await? Get excited!

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