Lycoris Recoil

For years, Japan has been the safest country in the world. Not because some socioideological awakening, but because of a secret taskforce of high school aged girls, that work as governmental hit squads to eliminate any potential terrorist threats before they can act. They are known as Lycoris, referencing the Spider Lily, and are the unseen hand that ensures peace in Japan. However, when trying to apprehend a group of arms dealers, one of the Lycoris agents, Takina Inoue, instead prioritizes saving the life of one of her fellow agents by turning an LMG on the arms dealers. Dismissed for disobeying orders, she is assigned to work with the best Lycoris agent ever, Chisato Nishikigi. However, Chisato is completely different from what the taciturn, ever serious Takina expected: Chisato is bright, bubbly, endlessly energetic and is working at a café run by an ex-Lycoris instructor named Mika, called Lyco Reco. What is also unusual is that Chisato, despite having insane reflexes, able to dodge bullets (even at close range), and is a crack shot, prefers to use non-lethal rounds, and will even bandage up her enemies if they are injured. Takina insists that she has to get back into Lycoris proper, grating against the assorted café related odd jobs Chisato brings her along with. But there is a plot forming against not just Lycoris, but Japan itself, and these two are going to need each other, Mika, and the other members at Lyco Reco if the peace is to remain intact. Lycoris Recoil is a fantastic show, one that has tons of heart, humor and plenty of action and intrigue to keep you hooked. The standout character is far and away Chisato herself, her absolutely irrepressible positive outlook perfectly contrasts her amazing skills, and makes her a fun character to watch. Her dynamic with Takina, who is almost her complete opposite in terms of personality, help keep the banter between the two of them sharp and engaging. What is most impressive about this show is that this is an original animation project, with no prior manga to base it on. If you enjoy watching cute girls (with guns) try and save Japan, and want to see a ball of sunshine known as Chisato, give it a watch, and I think you will agree: this truly was a fine brewed show!

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