The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

In the Japanese Criminal Underworld, none is more feared than Toru Kirishima, known as Sakuragi’s Demon, for his violent tendencies and ruthless efficiency for dispatching enemies of his boss, Kazuhiko Sakuragi. But when his hot temper gets the best of him during a meeting, his boss decides it’s time to teach him a lesson in responsibility, by placing him in charge of caring for the boss’s 7 year old daughter, Yaeka. With her mom being in a coma, and her father unable to go out in public for any length of time, Yaeka feels alone in the world, and so Kirishima is stuck looking after her as best he can. But surprisingly, as the days wear on, Kirishima starts realizing that caring for a child, while definitely hard work, is irreplaceable, and finds that Yaeka is changing him for the better in ways he never would’ve expected. The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting is a fun, mostly light hearted affair, that works best when comparing the Kirishima what Yaeka sees, as her babysitter to the Kirishima the rest of the Yakuza see. Yaeka is seemingly able to wrap the most dangerous enforcer around her finger, and you can’t help but smile. While the series itself is not revolutionary by any stretch, it is cute and heartwarming, and sometimes, that’s all you need. So if you want to see how a Yakuza enforcer handles the hurdles of Babysitting, go check it out. But if you don’t, Kirishima would like to have words. With his fists.

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