Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Iruma Suzuki (age 14) has had a rough life. Due to his sweet nature, he is accommodating and helpful, but also a huge pushover (as he can’t refuse any request and buckles especially fast if the person says “Help” “Please” and “I beg you”), which led him to be taken advantage of by his worthless, scummy, trash parents. This also led him into having countless near death experiences (to survive he developed his Overwhelming Crisis Evasion Capability, where he can dodge anything), and never got to experience a normal childhood. That is, until one day, when working on a tuna boat, a demon appears and tells him his scumbag parents have sold him to the demon. Terrified at what this means, Iruma braces for the worst, only to discover that this demon, Sullivan, wants Iruma to be his grandson! Sullivan then showers Iruma with gifts and affection and also enrolls Iruma in the best school in the Netherworld, Babylis! However there is one MAJOR wrinkle: while most demons don’t believe humans exist, they have been taught that humans are delicious, and so Iruma is worried that if they find out, he is dead (and tasty) meat. So he intends to stand out as little as possible, which soon becomes impossible as he accidently defeats top student Alice Asmodeus on his first day, whereby the defeat demon swears his loyalty to Iruma! Iruma is soon joined by the endlessly excitable and exuberant Clara Valac, and all three are placed in the Misfit Class, as their shenanigans has labelled them as trouble makers. Add that the distinguished and strict but beautiful Student Council President, Ameri Azazel, has taken notice of Iruma, as he is able to read the strange language of the Forbidden Texts (actually a Shoujo romance manga series called First Love Memory), and tasks him with reading them to her (over tea and snacks of course)! Iruma must now accept the fact that he is never going to be in the background, but maybe, just maybe, life in the Netherworld isn’t too bad! Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a delightful, often hilarious and all around enjoyable romp, one that is sure to leave you grinning! Iruma himself is a slightly different approach to shounen protagonists, as he is (as the show points out) a doormat, willing to do anything for anyone, just because he likes helping out. But out of this, he shows a side to demons they have never seen before (as demons are inherently selfish by nature, and only do things that benefit themselves), and helps those around him be better. He also grows himself, as he begins to focus on his ambitions, and develops a drive to excell. Though he also falls into the glutenous hero category (like Goku or Luffy), but for a distinct (kinda sad, but not too much) reason. Asmodeus is fun with his interactions with Iruma, and Clara is such a chaotic ball of energy, and has some hilarious lines. The stand out character (and my personal favorite), however, is Ameri herself. There have been several people that describe her as best girl and it is not hard to see why. The distinct dichotomy between her stern self in public and the excited fangirling over shoujo manga is so delightful, and the fact that she is the one that pushes Iruma to develop his ambitions is great characterization. But things only get better when Ameri starts realizing something about her and Iruma, which, I won’t spoil, but it is so good! Suffice it to say that, every time Ameri is on screen, and especially when she is with Iruma, it is always a good time! The next season is going to start in October, so I am so excited! So, if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go to Babylis! You might just get to sit in on Iruma and Ameri’s reading sessions (if Clara doesn’t sidetrack you and force you to play with her for hours on end)…

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