Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

After many hard fought battles, worthy opponents and way too many deaths, I have finished Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice! This game deserves the high praise given to it! The combat is responsive and though it is very VERY often punishing (to the point where I was getting frustrated and refusing to res if I was doing badly against an enemy), it was rarely unfair. Frequently when I died, I said “Oh, I missed his tell” or “I was being too aggressive” or “Now I get it, that’s how I go at him”, so the next time my resolve is stronger. When I finally reached the summit of those blood stained mountains, when I finish with the Shinobi Executions, the feeling of accomplishment is intense, so that every victory feels hard fought and well earned. The whole journey is dripping with atmosphere, and if you love Japanese culture (like my brother) it will be a marvelous feast for the eyes. I will say that this game is not for everyone: if you get tilted easily or don’t have the mental fortitude of accepting death dozens, if not hundreds of times, for those rare moments where you can stand tall over your hated enemies, then I would not recommend this game to you. But if you are diligent, willing to accept your fate, practice deflect timings, and ready to give your all in service to the Divine Heir, then come Shinobi! Ashina is waiting! Kiri-age-gomen!

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