Resident Evil 3

REview time! Black Friday Steam sale reviews go! Several months after the events in the Arklay Mountains, STARS member Jill Valentine is trying bring to light the duplicitous nature of the Umbrella Corporation. However, soon all of Racoon City is engulfed by the T-virus, with zombies, infected dogs and other BOWs wrecking havoc in the streets. But none are as terrifying or relentless as Jill’s own personal nightmare, the unstoppable Nemesis, a BOW that seems fixated on her and is impervious to anything she throws at it. Resident Evil 3 provides decent action and a few nice set pieces, but ultimately feels underwhelming. Comparing this to last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, it feels rushed, condensed and at times slapped together. While RE2 let gave you time to explore the areas fully, slowly opening the map up and allowing you to settle into the foreboding environments of the Police Station and elsewhere, RE3 seems to jam pack everything into small areas, where once you give it a once over, you’re done and there is little else to see or do. Also, while the Nemesis seems to be terrifying, he is often times more a nuisance than a threat. Unlike RE2’s Mr.X, who could show up anywhere at anytime, and was slow but relentless, the Nemesis shows up only at certain points, and most of the time it is just “oh no, run away, ah”. This RE also had a greater emphasis on action, and, while the addition of a dodge roll was nice, and helped keep me alive at times, it was also finicky, and sometimes would not work when I thought it should. There are also still a number of bugs, and one time the game crashed while loading. It is also frustrating that several boss fights could only be won in a very specific manner, especially when you use methods that the game apparently didn’t think you would use, resulting in wasted ammo and occasionally needless deaths that are squarely the game’s fault for lack of proper direction. Ultimately, RE3 is not worth its normal $60 price. I got it at $20, thanks to the sale, but not everyone is so lucky. In my opinion, if you want to check it out, and you love Resident Evil, get it on sale, but otherwise, just ignore it. Go get Resident Evil 2, it is much better and definitely worth your money. That being said, I am very excited to see how Resident Evil: Village turns out. That is definitely on my to-review list!

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