The Duke of Death and His Maid

“No one shall love you, and you shall love no one. You shall live a live full of misery” With these words, a heinous witch placed a terrible curse on a young noble, a curse that caused anything he touched, or touched him, to immediately wither and die. Terrified at such dreadful circumstances, his mother sent him away to live at a villa by himself, proclaiming, “That boy is Death Incarnate!” But thankfully, he isn’t alone: he has an older, but surprisingly spry butler, Rob, and a beautiful young maid named Alice. Though she is bit on the odd side: even knowing full well that any physical contact with the Duke would cause death, she nevertheless endlessly flirts and teases him. But no matter what anyone says about the Duke, or how they try to shamefully use him, Alice always staunchly stands by his side. And the Duke, ever grateful for her kind service, finds himself equally frustrated by the limits he has to endure. And as the two of them fall deeply in love, the Duke is even more motivated to find a way to break the curse, so that he and his beloved Alice can finally be together. Along with two witch friends that stumble into their lives, innocent Cuff and pervy Zain, the Duke finds that no matter what, he won’t let the Witch win. He WILL love someone, and WILL be loved back! With lots of fun comedy, an interesting fantasy bend, and a touching romance that is blooming, The Duke of Death and His Maid is a great addition to watch and enjoy. The interactions with the Duke and Alice are always fun, especially how she tests her limits, to the point you have to ask, “Lady, do you have a death wish? Does this turn you on? NO WAIT STOP I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!!” But what really sells the show is when the tender moments occur, especially when you see how the Duke was before the show started and just how much Alice was able to touch is life for the better, which endear us to these two so much. This show is not afraid to get heavy at times, and I am thankful for that. However there are two factors which make it hard to recommend to everyone. First is the fan service: as Alice is a very beautiful (and very well endowed) woman, she also likes to show off what she has, and does so frequently. Plus there are some scenes when she isn’t wearing anything (like just coming out of the bath or sleeping in the buff, apparently), so that is something to watch out for. The other is the CG animation, which is fairly stiff. While it does work with the unusual art style, I still think traditional style animation wouldn’t have been so off putting. Though, you do get used to it after a while, so take that as you will. With news of Season 2 on the way in 2023, I look forward to more adventures with the Duke and Alice. Currently on my RCA list it is at #35/57, a great show that you will either die laughing at or has a romance to die for.

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