My Senpai is Annoying

Being an adult is hard: for the diminutive Futaba Igarashi, life is even more so. When you get mistaken for a kid, while also trying your best at work, it can wear on you. And it only is made worse by your gigantic, overly verbose senpai, Harumi Takeda. He can just be so ANNOYING! Although, he does help her out a lot, and always seems to cheer her up. But things take a turn for the awkward one evening, when the two go out for drinks, Takeda says that he would love to have a child like Igarashi when he gets married. Igarashi (thoroughly sloshed) responds, “Why can’t I be your wife?” Seems Igarashi is not being totally honest about how she feels about her senpai! And that’s not all: something seems to be developing between the sweet office model, Touko Sakurai and the stoic Souta Kazama. All around, love is in the air! My Senpai is Annoying is a simply charming, hilarious and heartwarming show that is a delight to watch. It also boasts one of the smoothest looking intros of any anime, and the OP is just so much fun to listen to, with its bouncy energetic tune (along with the Seiyuus singing it, of course!) it is impossible to skip! The relationship that is developing between Takeda and Igarashi is cute, with the standard “embarrassed due to differing personalities” approach. The real interesting couple, however, is Sakurai and Kazama, as this is a matchup that, although it doesn’t seem like it would work at first, is great to watch, as there is real progress being made, and their dynamic is wonderful. One other character that is great is Mona Tsukishiro (or as I have taken to call her, “Daydrinking-chan”), whose droopy eyed look and random Russianisms add to the comedy (not to mention she may/may not be drinking on the job). Another great character to mention is Grandpa Igarashi, who is the complete opposite of his beloved granddaughter, being as ripped as can be and WAY overprotective. There is some minor fanservice in some episodes, but at least once it plays into the uniqueness of the relationships at hand. All in all, it is a fun, sweet series that, while it might not get another season, I sincerely hope it does, as I would love to see where these people are headed! As of now, it is #22 out of 57. If you want to see fun office romances, this is the one to watch. Though don’t ruffle Igarashi’s hair, that is beyond annoying!

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