Ryo Amakusa has never taken love seriously. One night stands are the norm, and don’t expect him to stay for breakfast. That all changes one rainy day, as he is at the top of a flight of stairs at the train station, he loses his balance, and falls, only to be caught by the crook of an umbrella on the back of his jacket. Looking at his savior, it is a high school girl, who nervously apologizes for accidently choking him. Noting that he looks pale, and correctly guessing he hasn’t eaten yet, she hurriedly gives him her bento before dashing off to school. Noting that the girl had the same uniform has his little sister Rio, he goes to her house, only to find she has company: her best friend Ichika Arima, who is, surprise surprise, the same girl that saved him! Grateful to her, he offers to repay her the best way he knows how: by offering his body to her. Her response: “That’s gross.” But instead of being dejected or insulted by this, something happens to Ryo: a wholesome switch gets flipped, and he is now 1000% head over heels in love with her. So begins a very unusual romance with a lovestruck playboy and high schooler who is less than thrilled. With a very unique set up and some absolutely hilarious humor, Koikimo is a fun take on the genre. The premise might have some worrying (given there is a 10 year age gap between the wily 27 Ryo and the peeved 17 Ichika), but the adorably innocent way that Ryo proceeds with his romance is too charming to hate. Watching this former womanizer act like a school boy with his first crush is just precious, and absolutely hilarious. It is helped by the fact that Rio also seems to want these two together, if only for the lols. Though were the show starts falling apart is when these two actually start getting closer, as the humor begins to drop off, and angst takes its place. In the end, they are a decent couple, though nowhere near the best of the best. This show also gets the distinction of being one of the rare Josei RCAs, which more commonly are Shounen, Shoujo or Seinen. For my rating, I put it at #39/57. If want to watch the hilarious set up of watching a player become a romantic, this one could be for you. Though I suspect more than a few of you will say, “That’s gross”.

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