Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

While Goku and Vegeta are off training with Whis and Beerus, defense of the Earth falls to Gohan and Piccolo. But Gohan is busy with his biology studies, and between that and being a family man, has no time to train. And while Piccolo is willing to help out, he can’t help but be disappointed in his former pupil. However, when an old menace in a new form appears, the Red Ribbon Army, headed by Commander Red’s son Magenta, along with new androids created by Dr. Gero’s grandson, Hedo, it will take everything that Gohan and Piccolo have to in order to keep the world safe. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (weird title, isn’t it?) is a fun, enjoyable romp that, while not on the level of Battle of Gods or Broly, is certainly worth a watch. Having Gohan and Piccolo in the spotlight after a while of them not doing much (especially given the insane power gap that Goku and Vegeta have displayed), is ever so refreshing! There is some great action to be had, along with some delightful comedy, which is expected from gag manga master, Akira Toriyama (who wrote the screenplay). I personally have mixed feelings about the use of CGI in the movie, where on the one hand, it does allow some of the fight scenes to play out in a spectacular fashion that might not have been as easy to do with traditional style; however, it looked stilted at times and not nearly as fluid as it would be with the more hand drawn style (yes I know it is technically all CG these days, but still). There actually is a lot to talk about, but I will save that for a dedicated spoiler section on page two, so those that don’t want to know before hand can avoid it and go in blind. In short, though, if you love Dragon Ball, go watch it! You just might feel like a super hero!

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