For Shinya Momotsuki (or Momo to his friends) life is not easy. Despite wanting to appear manly, the most he gets is cute, which drives him up a wall. Thankfully, he finds someone who cares, in the form of his adorable girlfriend, Yuki Kurihara (or Kuri for short). What he doesn’t know, however, is that Kuri is more than a little obsessed with him. You see, she thought he was unbelievably cute, even before they started dating, and not only takes picture after picture of him, but also knows everything about him and saves everything he has ever touched, including his used straws! Thus begins a very odd, but cute relationship between a guy desperate to escape the shadow of cuteness and a girl who can’t leave well enough alone. Momokuri is a cute, and occasionally hilarious show, but one that also has problems with itself outside of certain aspects. The hilarity of the show comes form Kuri’s obsessive nature towards Momo, and having her drooling over some new picture or fishing a used straw out of the trash are often a riot. However, outside of that, the show itself is kind of boring, and as the show moves on and Kuri cools off, it loses its charm. Momo himself is also really whiny, especially when he doesn’t seem to understand or appreciate how Kuri feels and is constantly second guessing it or prickling at anything that might make it seem like he’s cute. Ultimately, it is a show that, outside of some comedy gold moments, is just kind of there, and is not really that note worthy. I would currently rank it at #47 out of 57. It is decent, but nothing too special. While the Momo side is not great, the Kuri side is both cute and hilarious, so if you want, check it out. Though don’t go full Kuri. Never go full Kuri.

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