Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos!

In many anime, we see the hero fall in love with a number of odd beings, whether it be cat girls, demons or literal goddesses, and we have come to accept this. But what happens when a literal Lovecraftian monster falls for you? Well, Mahiro Yasaka found out the hard way, as Nyaruko, a representative of the Nyarlanthotep race, saves his life and then proclaims he is the cutest thing ever! While she does appear to be a cute, silver haired girl, she is also freakishly strong and her only deterrent is forks to the forehead, which Mahiro is more than willing to apply. But soon two other Lovecraftian beings join their group: Kuko, a Cthunghan who is madly (one-sidedly) in love with Nyaruko, and Hastura, a male member of the Hasturan race, who is very androgynous and seems smitten with Mahiro. Not to mention a whole bevy of other Lovecraftian creatures that all seem to be targeting Mahiro for one reason or another. But they all end up being pretty silly, so it’s all good. Except for Mahiro, who is increasingly frustrated with his swiftly maddening life. But that’s to be expected with eldrict horrors! Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos is a hilarious romp, with some fun action thrown in there. The amount of times that the cause of some calamity in the plot turns out to be inane becomes a self-aware running gag, and it gets better each time it happens. Of the whole cast, the best is Nyaruko, with her manic, super lovey-dovey modes just a joy to watch, along with the ensuing fork to the head when it crosses the line. Though to be honest, Mahiro’s petulant attitude wears thin very quickly, as though Nyaruko does cause some crawling chaos in his life, she is also very affectionate and you would think he would warm up to her at least a little bit. All in all, while the romance won’t win any awards, the comedy is top notch, so it’s a win in my book. It currently sits at #29/57. So if you want to see some Lovecraftian schenannigans, Nyaruko is waiting. Or more accurately trying to sneak in to Mahiro’s bath and getting a fork in the forehead.

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