And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

That’s it! I’ve had it! Never again! Such outbursts came from Hideki Nishimura, while playing his favorite MMO RPG Legendary Age. After enjoying his time with a certain female avatar, he invites her to marry her in game, only to find out that “she” is actually a he IRL. After this deception, Hideki is fed up, and convinced that there are no girls online. That is, until his guild proposes they meet up in real life. In the meantime he has caved to the constant requests by one of his party members, Ako, to marry him in game, though he is convinced she is a he in real life as well. What a shock to find out that not only are all of his guild girls, they all go to his school! And they’re all super pretty?! But one in particular, Ako Tamaki, is an odd duck: being incredibly shy, she finds comfort in gaming, and has taken such a liking to Hideki, that she is conflating him in real life to his online avatar Rusian. So much so that she constantly addresses him as such and even believes they are married in real life as well! This is going to be sticky! With some fun comedy, a sprinkling of game culture and a cute gaming couple, And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online (that’s a mouthful!) is an enjoyable show to watch. Most of the comedy centers around the disconnect that Ako has with the real world versus the game world, and the fact that the girls are so passionate about the game, despite appearances to the contrary. Hideki and Ako make a cute couple, and I give props to Hideki for figuring out his feelings for her rather quickly (by like the 3rd episode), though there are some times he is less than supportive. He does genuinely care about her, it can just be hard when your offline girlfriend can’t separate from being your online wife. There is some fanservice, especially after it is revealed that the guys of the party are actually girls, so for one character’s outfit which, while revealing, isn’t showing much for a guy, is now very racy for a female avatar. All in all, this show is an enjoyable watch, at about a mid tier level. It currently sits at #44 out of 57, so if you want to, go check it out. You might just be surprised who you meet online!

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