Free Guy

Review Time! Free City is the hottest game on the market, an open world FPS that allows the players to wreck whatever havoc they choose. But everything changes when someone takes a stand. Not a player, though: a bank teller NPC called Guy. Teaming up with Millie Rusk (whose in game persona is MolotovGirl), a game developer trying to find evidence that her game Life Itself was used as the code for Free City, Guy becomes popular amongst fans and streamers, being the good guy no one thought possible. But the owner of the company, Antwan Hovchelik, is determined to cover his tracks and make the sequel a success, no matter what. But along the way, something happens to Guy: is it? Could it be? Love? Well, you’ll just have to see to find out! Free Guy is a fun, colorful and endearing movie, with lots of great tidbits and Easter Eggs to video game fans everywhere. Ryan Reynolds is in top form once again, and is an absolute delight throughout. There is plenty of action to be had, though there are times when I was watching where I was wondering, “Ok, how did you pull this off in game? Because, you know, you are in a game right now”. Though other sequences made perfect sense and were a fun addition to the movie. In fact there are tons of little secrets that are unique and only there if you know gaming. This movie feels far more like someone actually plays games, rather than other movies where they try to guess how video games work, and the references are either off or shallow. So give it a watch, and you might find yourself wanting Free City to be a real game, if only to hang out with Guy!

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