Inferno Cop

Review Time! On the dangerous streets of Jack Knife Edge City, where criminals run rampant (as long as they have paid their taxes), there is one man that will not let crime go unpunished: Inferno Cop! Seeking to avenge the death of his family at the hands of the nefarious Southern Cross organization, this flaming skeleton won’t let anything stop him: not aquatic babies, courtroom battles, the FBI, dinosaurs or Egyptian Pharaohs! Armed with his trusty revolver (that explodes anything it hits), he is dispensing justice! An absolutely nonsensical adventure, Inferno Cop crams as much insanity as it can into its 2-3 minute episodes. Being essentially a mix of Ghost Rider and every rogue cop from any tv show, Inferno Cop is a massive parody of the genre, and any genre for that matter. With the barest of animation (which adds to the absurdity), our flaming protagonist travels the world, through time, and even goes to Hell at one point. The show can be finished in under an hour, but is definitely worth it. While Season 2 was announced, the voice actor of Inferno Cop died, so it is uncertain if they will go through with it. But one can hope that we see more of this nutcase and all the insanity it brings! So go, Inferno Cop! Dispense justice! Avenge your family! Eat that Malt Loaf!

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