Asobi Asobase

Review Time! When starting this particular anime, you watch the opening and see a heartfelt show about 3 friends, navigating adolescence, and maybe with some drama and heartbreak, immerge all the better and it is sure to be a beautiful adventure. I am here to inform you that is a LIE! What the show is REALLY about is 3 middle school girls (petite Hanako Honda, who despite being brilliant and talented at sports, can’t stand not being popular or single and screeches like a banshee at every opportunity; Olivia, blond hair blue eyes, but was born and raised in Japan, and doesn’t know a lick of English, despite faking that she is an American transfer student; and Kasumi Nomura, well endowed and knowing even less English than Olivia, but hates games due to her older sister beating her at them all the time and has a deep seated androphobia, despite writing her own BL stories) screwing around in their “Pasttimers’ Club”, which is them playing pointless games and getting into trouble. SO MUCH TROUBLE!!! Asobi Asobase is an utterly ridiculous show that is a riot, as long as you are good with the absurd humor it throws at you (I grew up on Homestar Runner and Monty Python, so I was fine)! Hanako especially is hilarious, as either her screaming, her contorted horror movie faces, or overall energy level are all over the top in the best way. Many strange things occur at the school, like teleported students, multiple compound fractures due to a game of shoe toss, a lecherous baby and a butler who shoots lasers out of his butt. If this insanity sounds like it is up your alley, then go ahead and head over to the Pasttimers’ Club and give it a look. Although don’t say I didn’t warn you….

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