Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Ever since the events of the first movie, life for Eddie Brock and his symbiote partner Venom have been rough. Eddie is worried about the authorities finding out about them and getting imprisoned; Venom feels cooped up and is desperate for human brains. As tensions between them rise, Cletus Kassidy, deranged serial killer, finds a kindred spirit in Eddie, and one fateful encounter will unleash terror onto San Francisco the likes of which no one has ever seen! Can our favorite human-symbiote duo put aside their differences long enough to stop this monster? Well, it is going to get gruesome! Venom: Let There Be Carnage is solid entry, with fun humor, some incredible action, but also has issues. The banter between Eddie and Venom is always fun, especially as they try and navigate life for a voracious alien sharing a body with a person. Though I will admit that there is an entire scene that felt like it was unnecessary, as it added nothing to the plot, and though it had some character moments, it dragged on far too long, which is time that could’ve been spent on other, more essential moments. I also want to see even more of Venom, but due to Eddie and Venom’s squabbles, we actually didn’t get much. One point, however, that was amazing was Carnage: every time he was onscreen, it was fantastic! His presence, the mayhem he unleashed: I just wanted to see more! There are also intriguing hints at the future, which I will be watching very closely. If you liked the first Venom, this is more of that: not the best superhero movie, but a fun ride to check out. If nothing else, you will appreciate all the Carnage!

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