Marvel’s What If…?

Throughout comic history, countless stories have been told. And while many are considered canon, there are times when the writers decide to take things in a slightly different direction. And in the Marvel Universe, the one who would see all of these strange phenomenon is known as the Watcher, an interdimensional being who can observe, but never interfere. Witness such strange and unusual sights such as: What if Peggy Carter had gotten the super serum instead of Steve Rogers; What if T’Challa had become Star Lord instead of Peter Quill; What if Dr. Strange had lost Christine instead of his hands; and many more. As we delve into each of these divergent realities, always keep in mind the question: what if? Marvel’s What If…? is an intriguing show, with well crafted visuals, but with hit or miss voice acting and inconsistent stories, that ultimately makes it a mixed bag. The different concepts that the show brings up are not all equal in terms of quality, where some present interesting departures from canon that truly are fascinating, while others present worlds that, with a certain change, seem far better than the reality we know. I was hoping that there would be a shoe drop moment for these, to show that even though things seem better, there is a worse price to be paid, but it never fully plays out that way. The voice acting is also hit and miss, as some actors do a great job, while others (mostly the MCU’s actual cast members) are only ok, showing that many of these actors are not voice actors as well. However, the episodes that come together, that really push the bounds of what the show is about, are the ones that truly shine. The Finale itself falls a bit flat, but I would say the journey was well worth it. So if you want to see what strange, new realities await you, go with the Watcher and see what could be, and ponder the question: What If…?

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