Star Wars Visions

The Galaxy Far Far Away is a vast, mostly unknown place. So many unexplored planets, so many stories left untold. But with the help of the Land of the Rising Sun, a few of those stories have been told. As Star Wars has, from the beginning, had an influence from Japanese cinema (specifically Kurosawa), it makes perfect sense to have Star Wars meld with anime. My only question: what took them so long?! Star Wars Visions is a unique, intriguing and ultimately impressive (most impressive) dive into the Star Wars galaxy. The stories range from lighthearted and fun, like a Jedi Padawan joining a band with a Hutt rocker, to dark and sinister, with a master and apprentice facing down an old Sith with incredible powers. There is a classic ronin vs bandits episode, which, had the Star Wars elements not been in there, could’ve easily been a Japanese period piece; a man trying to rebuild the Jedi and lightsabers that change depending on who wields them; a Jedi struggling with attachment and a planet under the iron grip of a Dark side user; a droid that dreams of being a Jedi; and a few others that you will just have to watch yourself! The art styles show off each studio’s prowess, and sometimes you can even spot which studio did some of your favorite anime (though I hope, if they do a Season 2, that Kyoto Animation does one, so good). What is interesting is that several of these stories seem like they are part one of a larger story, as some have a “See you next time” feel, as the story is just getting started. Ultimately, I found that the stories were, on the whole, enjoyable and would absolutely love to see more! It appears that the Force is strong in the Land of the Rising Sun!

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