Top 15 Rom-Com Anime Couples!

Watching two people fall in love is one of the most wholesome things in existence, and this list has that in spades! After a fair amount of soul searching, I realized that if this is going to be a “Best of List”, it needs to only be couples, and only the very best! So, without any further ado, let’s get to the couples!

15.Otani and Koizumi (Lovely Complex)

What are they? A couple or a comedy duo?! Actually, they are both! These two, while they do bicker, argue and insult each other a fair amount, actually display a great principle of healthy relationships: mutual regard. They have so much fun together and think highly of each other, so their arguments seem to stem from their hotheadedness and insecurities over their height, rather than them not liking or respecting each other. Koizumi for a while had an unrequited love for Otani who either didn’t know who she was interested in, didn’t believe her when she said it, couldn’t see her as girlfriend material, or was too insecure to express his feelings. This caused a lot of pain for Koizumi, and more than once she wanted to give up her feelings. But in the end they both support one another, and actually make a great couple. Also as a fun bonus, they win the award for most PDA, with a total of 6 onscreen kisses! Though the question is: who won the bet? Do they both get each other the video game and basketball shoes? I guess we’ll never know.

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

14. Ryuji and Taiga


What an emotional rollercoaster these two went through! While Taiga was borderline abusive to Ryuji at first, she cares so deeply for him that she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness to make him happy. His care for her is also adorable and I love the phrase he uses “Only a Dragon is worthy to stand with a Tiger”. They are a cute opposite couple, with Ryuji towering over the Palm-Top Tiger, and seeing Taiga be sweet and kind is a great change of pace over how she used to be. A solid couple, though you should see their competition!

Can be found on: Netflix/Crunchyroll

13. Sakuta and Mai

(Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

These two have a great relationship, if a little rocky at first on Mai’s part. For Sakuta, though snarky as he is, there is no doubt how strongly he loves her, as his confession of love literally wills her back into reality. But what I was impressed with, despite her somewhat condescending attitude, is when he was comforted by someone he knew from his past during the incident with his sister, she is hurt not because she is jealous, but because she couldn’t help him herself, showing how much she cares as well. They also have some great little lines, like Sakuta having Mai answer the phone again “more like a newlywed this time”.

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

12.Sora and Chisato

(Love is a Cocktail)

A beautifully blended couple! Sora always knows just what Chisato needs and is more than willing to get it for her. He is also sensitive to how she is feeling or what her work schedule is like, and makes what is appropriate. What is fun about this is Chisato herself, while embarrassed about her more loose and playful (and dare we say more than a LITTLE flirty) side when she drinks, she is never shy to show how much she loves her husband, and often after a drink wants nothing more than to cuddle! Though what is interesting is that often it is the perception of drinking, rather than the alcohol itself that gets her in a good mood, as with the Cinderella, there was no alcohol and yet she was still giddy. I think this is because since Sora is always making her favorite drinks, and she loves him so much, any drink will make her loving side come out! They are so cute together, and here is hoping they got many more drinks to come! I’ll drink to that!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

11. Takishima and Hikari (Special A)

These two are a power couple! Although Hikari sees their dynamic as friends and rivals, Takishima is clearly gone on her from the very first episode. Watching him care for her, whether it is shielding her from their opponents in a wrestling match, eating her badly prepared rice balls and saying they are delicious, or punching Yahiro for trying to touch her, Takishima always puts Hikari first. What is great about their dynamic is, though Takishima does tease Hikari (calling her Miss Second Place, which inexplicably causes a large stone #2 to fall from the sky on her), this also pushes her to always do her best and give it her all to beat him, though she never does. She lives for the challenges he gives her and this has made her into an impressive woman, second only to Takishima. Let’s face it, he is as Gary Stu as you can get, but in a fun way. Takishima also hasn’t let his money or success go to his head, as if anyone dares insult his friends, or especially Hikari, he will be the first to defend them. I think these two will make a great team sometime in the future. It just took a while since Hikari was literally the last person to figure out that she likes Takishima. She is rather thickheaded, after all….

Can be found on: Hulu

10. Takeo and Yamato

(My Love Story!!)

This one is so sweet! Watching them interact is so pure and loving you just can’t help it. For Takeo, he is always there to protect her or her friends and always uses his strength to help, like when he defended Yamato from the groper or shielding her from the falling steel beam. He even helps out Yamato’s friends and saves them from the fire, even after they made fun of him. For Yamato’s part, it is especially touching when Takeo is convinced that Yamato isn’t interested in him, so Suna makes Yamato repeat her confession to Takeo, who unbeknownst to Yamato (but knownst to us!) is hiding (somehow) under the bed, so many times that there is no doubt in that big head of his that Yamato loves him. And what’s more, the usually demure Yamato will always stick up for Takeo and never lets anyone bad mouth him. All in all, I think they are a great pair!

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

9. Yukimura and Himuro

(Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It!)

When nerds fall in love! These two are so great to watch, even if it takes Yukimura a little bit to find out he is in love with Himuro. What is unique about them is that Yukimura had a profound impact on Himuro’s life, by inspiring her as a little kid (not knowing it was her or remembering he did this) to pursue her career in science and look good doing it! Yukimura is sometimes oblivious to what to do and is more focused on the science than romance, but when it matters most, he is surprisingly sweet. Himuro is also considerate and thoughtful, and seeing the two of them nerd out over romance is a joy to behold. Plus, again, THAT PONYTAIL! I want to see more of it, it is SO CUTE!! But one of the best parts is when a guy is hitting on Himuro and she says no and then proceeds to show him a graph why, Yukimura steps in and after dumping a metric truckload of scientific data on him, says “If even with all of this data I can’t definitively say that I am in love with her, what makes you think you have any say on being in love with her?!” These two are a great couple, and with Season 2 on the horizon, it is only going to get better! Besides, they have more experiments to do!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

8. Kyo and Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Sometimes love comes in the most unexpected of places, like a family of animal shape shifting people! Though first rude and abrasive to Tohru, Kyo eventually sheds his prickly exterior and there are moments of care that he shows, especially in the 3rd season, that will melt your heart. Tohru shows incredible courage when, after witnessing Kyo’s monster cat form, refuses to let him go, even when terrified. Her love also helped Kyo find his way out of Akito’s abuse, proving that someone could care about him. What is interesting is that Kyo made a promise, years ago to Kyoko, that he would protect Tohru, and he has tried to follow through with that promise ever since. From what we saw in the finale, I think he did pretty good. They really do seem like two fruits in the same basket!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll/Hulu/Funimation

7. Tomoe and Nanami (Kamisama Kiss)

These two have had a memorable journey to get here. While initially not liking each other, mostly on Tomoe’s part as he finds humans to be frail and weak and viewing Nanami as a useless human girl, their relationship does bloom in a very sweet way. Tomoe always pulls through to help Nanami and Nanami shows surprising courage and resolve, especially to help out Tomoe. The main source of contention for each other is the fact that both are VERY stubborn people and when they butt heads it gets nasty! However, this can also work in their favor, as when they focus on a task, nothing will stop them! But what solidifies them is when Tomoe falls prey to a curse, so Nanami repeatedly goes back to the past to save him. There she runs into past Tomoe, who, while more dangerous and harsher than present Tomoe, is impressed by Nanami’s sweetness and stubbornness. So much so, that he falls in love with her and asks to marry her, to which she promises later. Come to find out, the “Yukiji” that Tomoe fell for was actually Nanami the whole time! The truth is that Tomoe has only ever loved one woman, the woman whose love and determination changed him for the better: Nanami! These two are a wonderful match, with a love that spans centuries!

Can be found on: Hulu/Funimation/Finale on various sites

6. Nasa and Tsukasa (Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You)

These two are simply adorable! Though they haven’t known each other for very long at all (they meet once and then years later get married), they both are extremely dedicated to each other. They are both kind, patient, considerate, and have nothing but the sweetest things to say about one another. Oftentimes Nasa has to ask why Tsukasa loves him so much, since he can hardly believe it himself, but seeing how caring he is with everyone around him gives us plenty of reason why Tsukasa loves him. Tsukasa herself also shows her care for him, starting with how she saved him on the first night they met and was impressed by his determination, in spite of him being severely injured, to confess his love to her. She also is very conscious about Nasa’s financial situation and never pressures him into getting more than she needs, oftentimes down playing what she wants in order for them to stay in budget. Their apprehension and innocent discomfort over physical intimacy (especially with Nasa worrying that he is doing something immoral, forgetting of course that he is MARRIED to Tsukasa, which by law means, as long as it is consensual, it’s not immoral) is both humorous and touching, as they slowly get used to living together. These interactions feel very natural and realistic, as both these two are teenagers, trying to adjust to a new situation. I would love to see these two continue, as they show that, despite not knowing much about each other, are well on their way to being an amazing couple, who love, honor and respect one another. It is not hard to tell each one is over the Moon for the other!

Can be found on: Cruncyroll

5. Miyamura and Hori (HoriMiya)

These two are so precious! Their romance is so unique, so well suited for each other, it is hard to put into words (but I will try!). They have countless moments that are unique to them, moments that really capture how they fall for each other in very special ways, but if I had to pick a few, here they are: when Hori becomes distressed because she isn’t like a lot of the cutesy girls and thinks Miyamura will come to dislike her, he tells her, “I didn’t fall in love with a normal girl: I fell in love with you”. She realizes it is the same for her as well: she didn’t fall in love with a normal guy, she fell for Miyamura. His devious, candy-swiping, first kiss was also great! There is also the dramatic change in Miyamura from when the show starts to where it ends, as he is more open and cheerful from the gloomy loner he was, all thanks to Hori. Miyamura also is beloved by Hori’s family, which is a great start to any relationship. But the thing that really sells it, is how they can both be themselves around each other, and love each other for who they are. I just love these two so much, and I know they are going to be great together!

Can be found on: Hulu/Dub on

4. Banri and Koko

(Golden Time)

These two went through a refiner’s fire! While Koko initially only has eyes for Mitsuo, it was Banri’s kindness, along with his ability to see Koko for who she was that made her fall for him. Special props goes to Banri for, after being shot down, having the emotional maturity to know that being friends with Koko was not good enough and told her so, instead of moping in the Friendzone. I suspect this is what actually caused Koko to realize her feelings as well, as being without Banri for even a day was too much for her. She then throws herself whole hog into being the best girlfriend ever! But what makes these two special is that they are each other’s anchor. Banri is there to comfort Koko when she falters and to help her get out of her self-deprecating rut, which encourages and inspires her to be better. Koko, on the other hand, is able to bring Banri back from his dissociative episodes, as when he forgets and cries for help from Linda, it is always either mentioning Koko or seeing her that brings him back to the present. Even Banri’s spirit acknowledges their love by the end, by returning Banri’s ring to give to Koko. Plus their romance has a funny, comical edge to it, as their “Night in Paris” was interrupted by Koko’s nausea and a falling “Eiffel Tower”, which both Banri and Koko admit seems par for the course of their relationship. Overall, these two are just great together!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

3. Yuta and Moriko

(Recovery of an MMO Junkie)

These two are so SO precious! Having been very good friends online for years (but not knowing it until late in the series), they already have a very firm foundation. The joy they have playing together and the fact that they found each other online and in person repeatedly is a great sign. But what makes these two great is that Yuta is so kind and caring toward Moriko, even when she doesn’t feel like she is worth it. Their innocent reactions to each other are adorable and the joy each gets while talking about the game is so heartwarming. While they may just be starting out as a couple when the series ended (TOO SOON!!!!!), I have no doubt these two will be amazing together. Honestly it is this kind of a relationship, where they are good friends and share a love of gaming, that I want in my life (I know, I know, I have wishful thinking, but still!). Plus when Yuta sees Moriko dressed up for drinks and tells Koiwai on the phone, “She looks so beautiful, I’m kinda grateful you’re not here to see it”, you can’t help but swoon (Hey! Guys can swoon over stuff like that too, k?! Wish I had a girl to say that to…). In addition, Yuta helps inspire Moriko to better herself for both her own and Yuta’s sake. I want more than anything to see these two keep going, it is too precious!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

2. Keiichi and Belldandy

(Ah! My Goddess)

A match made in heaven! These two are so precious together, watching them is so wholesome! Both are so kind, so loving, and so patient and have nothing but kind things to say about one another. Keiichi is also very understanding with all the craziness that happens in his life, from demons, to meddling Goddesses and even the Lord of Hell, and more than once Belldandy is worried that all she brings is misfortune in his life, only to be reassured that that is not the case: Keiichi would rather have all of this craziness, if only to have Belldandy in his life. In fact, he wouldn’t have it any other way! Belldandy herself is also amazing, warm and caring, she is always looking to make Keiichi happy and seeing her smile is so pure! She also displays incredible courage and self-assertion, as she is willing to defy Heaven itself, during the Lord of Terror arc, by not destroying Keiichi when he is infected, and even offering herself to be infected, so long as she can save her beloved. One of the biggest tells, though, is that whenever anyone asks why she stays and reminds her that she can cancel the contract at any time, she says, “I’m not staying because I have to. I stay because I love him!” Oh and them passing the Gate of Judgement (which will only allow couples to remain together if there is no deceit in their relationship) is a good sign too! These two truly have a heavenly relationship!

Can be found on: Funimation/Youtube/Various sites

1. Yuta and Rikka

(Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions)

There is a reason that they are number 1, they are such a perfect couple! They help each other grow, they support one another, and both are looking to make the other happy in the best way possible. If you need anymore proof, I have an entire analysis on the subject. To summarize, Yuta always is sensitive to Rikka’s needs, and understands her better than anyone else. Rikka thinks the world of Yuta and pushes herself to be a better person for Yuta and always puts him first. Honestly, I would love to see the story continue with these two, even into adult years and married life, because they are just that amazing. Yuta and Rikka deserve their spot as the best Rom-com Anime Couple! They are perfect for each other, what else can you say?

Can be found on: Netflix/Crunchyroll, Movies and OVAs on YouTube

So there you have it! Where would your rankings of couples go? Some higher? Some lower? Did I wreck your dream couple and you are out for blood?! Let me know in the comments below, and tell me about other awesome couples! I am always up for a great romance!

Updated: 9/22/21

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