Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Review time! Naoya Mukai is a probably the most earnest and intense high schooler you will ever meet, and is unbearably honest about his feelings. After confessing to his childhood friend Saki Saki every month since they had known each other, she finally broke down and agreed to date him. But just as he is adjusting to the fact that he is dating his precious Saki, a curveball gets thrown at him: a beautiful, sweet curveball named Nagisa Minase. She shows off her cooking, and tells Naoya that she has dedicated herself to making herself the perfect girlfriend for him. While flattered, Naoya informs Nagisa that he is dating Saki, and he would never do anything to betray her. Nagisa accepts this, and then says that she will keep trying to be his girlfriend. However, Naoya admits that he does find Nagisa attractive and is impressed by her dedication. So, in the most random of plot twists, he proposes that he date both Saki and Nagisa, but to make sure that he is not cheating on Saki, have her sign off on it! While Saki does find Nagisa absolutely darling (even saying she would date her herself), she is mortified that Naoya would propose this arrangement. Nagisa surpisingly is ok with this, and Naoya vehemently vows that he will make both of the girls happy. Saki, with a sigh, an eyeroll (and several uppercuts to Naoya’s face), decides to go along with it as well. Naoya then proposes they live in the same house, to better get to know each other, only adding to the consternation of the group! And things only get hairier when Rika Hoshizaki (secretely the famous and well endowned ViewTuber Milika) decides that she wants Naoya as well, but all to herself! Add Saki’s friend Shino Kiryu getting suspicious of the group, and it is a recipe for insanity and disaster! Girlfriend, Girlfriend is a silly, ridiculous show that leans into its insanity in delightful ways! Naoya is by far one of the strangest Harem MCs, as instead of being shy, oblivious or noncommittal, is intense, bluntly honest and stupidly stubborn, to the point that he embarrasses the girls on a regular basis. The girls themselves are also hilariously flawed, especially Saki, who while appearing prim, is actually sex obsessed, has some serious boob envy, a raging temper (which often ends with her assaulting Naoya), and might even be into NTR! There is a fair amount of fan service in the show, but sometimes situations break out where it is a lot less risque than people think. While a lot of people have said this show is trash (but mostly in a good way), I prefer to see at as simply silly, and a ton of fun to boot! No word yet on Season 2, but I do hope we get more of this two-timing weirdo and his girlfriends. But who knows: he could end up three or four timing! Now that would be just crazy!

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