Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Review Time! The NYPD has a long history of outstanding officers and high profile crimes, but never has it been as strange as in the 99th Precinct of Brooklyn. Such oddities include Detective Jake Peralta, lover of Die Hard and enthusiastic about his job but can often be immature; Detective Amy Santiago, by the book but frequently a suck up to authority, even when it gets her in trouble; Detective Charles Boyle, Jake’s best friend, lovable but all around an odd duck and a little too earnest and honest; Detective Rosa Diaz, perpetually annoyed and angry at everyone but with her heart in the right place; Sgt. Terry Jeffords, passionate about his family and yogurt, but can be very intense at times; Hitchcock and Scully, two middle aged detectives that should’ve retired long ago, and are pretty much deadweight; Gina Linetti, the Captain’s Secretary and probably the vainest person alive; and Captain Raymond Holt, the Precinct’s deadpan commanding officer, who is impossible to read. Together they must band together to protect and serve, but only if they can keep their shenanigans to a minimum. Oh who are we kidding?! This is the 99! There gunst to be shenanigans to the max! With utterly lovable characters, side splitting humor and just enough heartfelt moments to make you tear up, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best sit-coms I have ever seen! One of the best things about the show is, in spite of all the mischief that the officers get into, most of them are very capable in their jobs, showing that they are not stupid: they just know how to have a good time! You fall in love with these characters, and as the show progresses, the great running gags just get better and better! I personally believe that Andy Samberg is a national treasure, as his combination of amazing comedic timing, rubber face and the overflowing wholesomeness in his smile makes him the perfect man to embody Jake Peralta. The relationship between Jake and Amy is also amazing, as the two have outstanding chemistry and the moments they share are some of the show’s highlights. One point that I have against the show is Gina, as, while sometimes funny, she always felt out of place in the show. I could understand everyone else, but Gina never really had a “thing” other than being weird and self absorbed. When she left, I really didn’t care. But even this is a small issue compared to the amazingness that is this show! So go ahead, strap yourself in, and binge it all! You’re going to be up all night (title of your sex tape)!

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